We test all our products on ourselves, our friends, and our families, before we finalize the recipes for larger, handmade batches. Therefore, we never use industrial-grade ingredients, only the highest-quality food-grade ingredients that we trust.

Show Your Skin How Much You Value It!

Our bodies are constantly exposed to synthetic chemicals in air, water, and food. Why add to the problem by applying synthetic products to your skin and hair? Like a sponge, our skin cannot discriminate between synthetic and natural, or between harmful and beneficial, so our skin absorbs up to 60% of everything it encounters. The long-term effects of synthetic chemicals on the body are still unknown. But the short-term effects of synthetic vitamin E, retinol, parabens, and so many others, have been well-studied.

Discouraged by the harsh commercial soaps available, we began creating our own handmade soaps with all-natural and organic ingredients. Check out our flagship product, our soaps. We are proud of how unique and beneficial they are.

Your Skin Deserves Love


Our skin is our body’s largest organ. An adult's skin typically covers 22 square feet and weighs 8-10 pounds. Our skin shelters us from the hazards of our environment and yet allows us to experience pain and pleasure. It works to renew itself every second of every day as we shed some 40 pounds of dead skin cells in the course of our lifetime.

One square inch of skin is reported to contain approximately 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands, 78 yards of nerves, 19 yards of blood vessels, 9,500,000 cells, 1,300 nerve endings, and 650 sweat glands.