Mojgan Brumby, Founder | Blue Monarch SkincareEntrepreneur, Healthy Skin Advocate, Women’s Rights Defender, Survivor

Iranian-born Mojgan Anvari-Brumby arrived in the United States on a mission: to provide an alternative to skin care products laden with harmful ingredients. 

As her fortunes began to change in her new home, she never forgot where she came from and the people she had to leave behind. An unlikely event reconnected her to an important part of her past and opened the door to her future.

After a friend’s breast cancer scare, she began to research the suspected links between skin products and certain cancers. The more research she did, the scarier the grey areas became. She recalled the simple remedies her grandmother, mother and aunt would create in their kitchen back in Iran.

This was the spark that would become Blue Monarch. Her all-natural skin care line combines traditional Persian remedies passed down to Mojgan with the most advanced technology and science. All of Blue Monarch’s products use only certifiably raw, natural ingredients, that are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, and never use synthetic and other harmful ingredients. They are all made in the United States, and now are available at her spa, located at 24 Main Street in Natick, Massachusetts, and online at