Sensational Beef Stew Seasoning

Sensational Beef Stew Seasoning


Size: 46g/1.6oz.

Designed for: Make beef stew with unusual and exotic ingredients that will taste both familiar and sensational. No salt included, and no salt required.

Features: A unique blend of 21 herbs and spices from around the world for beef, venison, and lamb stews.

Ingredients: Green onion, parsley, mint, purple basil, sweet basil, tarragon, Persian rose petal, green cumin, black cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, clover, ginger, coriander seed, fenugreek, lime, turmeric, satureja, dill.

Suggested Use: Add one tablespoon to a 4-person serving of stew and stir to mix. Simmer until cooked. A tablespoon of tomato paste is optional.  

Container: Glass spice jar with tin screw top.

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